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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone!

Foot Massage  Foot Reflexology


Therapeutic Massage Body Wraps Spa

Spa Services

Seated Massage 

Seated Massage


List of Services
                Massage and Acupressure



     Fifteen Minutes

  $ 15.00

     Half Hour Massage

$ 40.00

     Twenty Minutes

  $ 20.00

     One Hour Massage

$ 65.00

     One Hour

  $ 60.00

     One and half Hour Massage

$ 97.50


You are guaranteed a minimum of actual massage table time of 

30 Minutes/60 Minutes/ etc.

 Most establishments limit the actual massage time to ten or fifteen minutes less than the time booked and paid for.

Typically your hands on massage time here with us at

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage

& Natural Body Care Center

is at least 20% longer than what you receive anywhere else!

...Some Therapists charge more...

Karl  Charges $ 75/Hr 

"The Best Massage You Have Ever Had?" 

(over 35 years of experience!)


Facial Treatments

     Bellinni Face Lift Treatment

          Organic Products

 $ 65.00

 $ 75.00

     Mini Face Lift Treatment

 $ 40.00

     Gentlemen's FaceLift Facial  Treatment

 $ 65.00


Headache and Migraine Relief

30 Minute Treatment    $ 40.00 60 Minute Treatment   $ 75.00

Other Services and Treatments


 $ 75.00

     Foot Reflexology

 $40.00 - $ 65.00  


$75  w/ Karl

     Raindrop Therapy

 $ 70.00

     Hot Stone Massage Therapy

 $ 97.50



  Full Body Exfoliation

     Salt Glow  or Sugar Glow


 $ 45.00

     With Self Tanning

 $ 50.00



  Body Wraps


     Cold Camphor

 $ 75.00

     Warm Seaweed

 $ 75.00



  Hand Treatments


     Hand Waxing

 $ 17.00

     Lavender Hand Treatment

 $ 40.00



  Steam Aromatherapy

 $ 35.00



  Ear Candling

 $ 30.00 to $ 60.00  plus cost of ear candles



  Nutritional Counseling

 $ 75.00

  Hair Analysis


$ 85.00 Lab Fee 

plus  $30.00  Consultation





     EEG, EMG, Temperature, GSR, Heart Rate Varibility, EmWave        (HeartMath)

 Rates vary     

 (Typically there is an initial consultation with training and separate lab fees.)







  Life Skills Coaching


     Examples:  Breathing, Stress  Reduction, Relaxation, Food Combining and label reading, Exercise programs, Tai Chi, Yoga, Self Massage, Facial, Massage, Partner Massage,  Personal Energy Management, Bio-Feedback, Goal Setting,Time Management, etc.!

     Rates vary     

(Typically there is an initial c onsultation with assessment and training and follow up  sessions as needed.)



    Stress Management


     1 Hour Session

  $ 75.00/ Hour

     Group Training (Personalized to your Group)

(includes handouts, membership website access)

  $ 300.00/ Hour







     Initial Consultation and Treatment

   $ 140.00


   $ 80.00

      Herbal Remedies



                                 Spa Packages

                               (Save 5 - 10 %!)

     Mini Package

 1/2 Hr Massage/Mini FaceLift/Hand Waxing


   $  92.00

     "The Package"

  1 Hr. Massage/FaceLift Facial Treatment


   $ 120.00

     Spa Day

  1 Hr. Massage/FaceLift Facial Treatment/Steam Aromatherapy


   $ 155.00

     Super Spa Day

  1 Hr. Massage/FaceLift Facial Treatment/Lavender Hand Treatment


   $ 159.00

     Spa Day Deluxe

  1 Hr. Massage/FaceLift Facial Treatment/Steam AromaTherapy/Body Wrap


   $ 219.00

     Spa Day Supreme

  1 Hr. Massage/FaceLift Facial Treatment/Steam AromaTherapy/Body Wrap/Raindrop Therapy

   $ 282.00